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Electrical PAnel Repairs and upgrades

EMTEC, LLC is here to assist you with your eletrical panel upgrades, additions, and repairs.  In every passing day there are more devices being added to the home such as televisions, gaming systems, and personal computers.  At some point, there are just not enough wall sockets to go around and you have exhausted all of the extension cords and surge protectors thay you have around the house.  There may be a time where you are not quite sure if that last device you plug-in will trip the circuit breaker or start an inferno that will cost you everything.

We are here to help alleviate those concerns.  We can add or upgrade circuits to your existing panel or help you ditch those antiquated circular fuses that were common household replacements decades ago.  If you are constantly resetting circuit breakers or noticing a sudden increase in usage on your bill, then contact us today so that we can assess your situation.

We specialize in upgrading antiquated panels found in old facilities, office buildings, and warehouses.  If you are a facility manager give us a call if you notice anything like the pictures below:

We may be able to bring your panel up to code and prevent any issues you may have in the future.  Especially if your business begins to see growth and expansion is required to add equipment and fault tolerance.  Upgrading your panel would also be a perfect time to talk about the installation of a Standby Generator.