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standby and portable generators

Events like Winter Storm Atlas in 2013 and other catastrophic weather phenomena remind us about how important electricity can be in our lives.  During Winter Storm Atlas, nearly 20,000 people were without power for several days to weeks before services could be restored.  This was a difficult storm to predict and it left many Rapid City residents unprepared.  Many residents were unable to heat their homes during the crippling night time temperatures and looked for ways to stay warm while linemen worked tirelessly to repair the power grid infrastructure.

Following the storm, standby and portable generator sales sky rocketed.  Luckily, Rapid City has not seen another event quite like Winter Storm Atlas as of 2018.  Western South Dakota is known for its unpredictable weather patterns which means that you should always be prepared.

EMTEC, LLC can evaluate your power requirements and recommend a permanent Standby Generator for your home so that keeping warm becomes the last thing you worry about.  We go further than just recommending a generator, we can install all the necessary transfer panel equipment to make sure your generator operates when it is needed.  The best part of a permanent standby generator is the convenience, acoustics, and aesthetics of the equipment, including the potential increased value that it brings to your home.

Portable Generators are great pieces of equipment that can be taken anywhere to accommodate your active lifestyle.  Why not take advantage of that attribute while at home?  EMTEC can install a power transfer panel, similar to the one pictured below, that has a plug-in receptacle. This solution will allow your portable generator to remain portable, but also serve your interests while you are home.

Determine Your Needs

There is a chart that you may download in PDF format located to the right.  Feel free to take a look at the power requirements for common appliances to get an idea of how much power you may need from your generator.  If you are still unsure how to estimate your power requirements, then EMTEC is here to assist you! Call today!